A businessMan's guide to the galaxy

Posted by Josh Newall on Oct 12, 2016 7:36:45 PM

About a year or so ago, a good friend of mine, Ryan Casey, and I set out to build a hybrid software/hardware company focused on making space more accessible. We spent countless hours compiling research, drafting up plans, and meeting with all sorts of people throughout the space industry - dreaming up an idea of taking the software and hardware of satellites to the next level. It was an incredibly exciting time as we were focusing on a market that few have ventured into. We were focusing on something with truly unlimited potential.

In so doing, I learned a great lesson. I realized that we had hit a realm that would not be accessible to us for several more years. We had gotten so excited, and channeled all of our energy into one specific piece of the puzzle, that we failed to see that the puzzle in all of it’s entirety wasn’t even close to completion. With the market we were entering, at best we could expect to see two puzzle pieces put together, let alone three. What we were trying to solve for would require a dozen or so pieces flush together.

The market wasn’t ready for the ideas we imagined.


The main lesson from that was the fact that it’s quite easy to get carried away with passions and dreams, particularly when you’re focusing on something like space. There are countless brilliant engineers, physicists, and scientists building towards a greater future that span into the stars. However, I have seen a lack of people who look at these industries of the future with a purely economic/business perspective. I believe these industries of the future would be greatly enabled by capable business professionals trained in a way to help drive our futuristic builders. Not only is it key to be driven by enabling business executives, it’s also important to be channeled by them. When I look back at Ryan and I’s initial adventures into the space economy - our energy and passion were hard to rival. I simply think that the key is to harness that type of energy with an optimistic market realism. That will be my focus of this blog - to continue looking at the industries of the future (artificial intelligence, machine learning, space, and genetics) from a business perspective. To uncover opportunity while helping educate business professionals on how to enable these fast coming industries of the future.